PPTC is a wealth management business specialising in clients with high net worth and ultra-high net worth.

Based in North West England, we provide expert investment and tax advice to individuals, companies and trusts.

Our primary purpose is to help you prosper

By enhancing your wealth when financial markets increase and protecting it when markets fall, reducing tax and creating a wealth management strategy from a range of innovative solutions.

Tailoring Investments

Understanding your financial and life goals

To tailor the right investment and tax solutions, we work hand-in-hand with our HNW and UHNW clients to understand their personal and financial aspirations.

That could include maximising the value held in land they own, realising potential property developments, investing capital and minimising their tax liability.

Wealth Management

Providing sophisticated and dynamic wealth management

PPTC’s expertise means we offer a higher level of investment management, which goes beyond the standard approach to managed funds that many wealth management firms offer. Our approach to investment management includes:

Making strategic investments based on current and forecast economic data

Hedging currency in order to generate profits

Investing capital based on worldwide economic trends

With this enhanced level of investment and tax management capability we can select the most advantageous international locations to invest our clients’ money, providing a highly tailored approach to their specific circumstances and growing their wealth.