Who We Are

PPTC’s innovative and sophisticated Wealth Management system enables our clients to plan their current finances and pass on wealth to future generations while minimising the tax they pay.

About PPTC

Established in 2003 by Managing Director Dylan Jones, PPTC has matured into an executive firm of Independent Financial Advisors dedicated to provision of pensions and wealth management for individuals, companies and trusts.

As Independent Financial Advisors we are able to offer our clients tailored pension schemes, investment portfolio management and tax structured plans. We have built solid relationships with some of the leading research agencies in the UK, including GAM, Sarasin & Partners, Close Brothers and Thorntons Investments in order to offer our clients the most appropriate solution for their individual circumstances.

Our dedication to, and investment in, new technology has been key in the development of our unique discretionary portfolios, built exclusively for the use of our clients. Our portfolios include Strategic and Themed Portfolios; all are designed to offer a significant improvement in the investment management function.

We continually strive to be professional and innovative through training and being progressive. Our advisers are qualified in their specialised areas and continue to develop professionally through training programmes. We utilise our experience, expertise and technical knowledge to offer our clients dynamic, tailored solutions to ensure they achieve their financial goals.

what We Do

We help our clients make informed decisions about their money and tailor wealth management solutions to their life goals.

PPTC’s expertise means we offer a higher level of investment management, which goes beyond the standard approach to managed funds that many wealth management firms offer. Our approach to investment management includes:

Passing wealth to your children tax-efficiently

Achieving early retirement whilst maintaining a high standard of living

Supplementing retirement income

Investing capital to have a tax-efficient income

Drawing on capital as required

Our wide experience and knowledge mean we can advise clients on the best ways to maximise their wealth through plans and solutions that are flexible for any circumstances.

We invest their money so clients can take a tax-efficient income, provide guidance on an appropriate level of withdrawal and allowing them to pass on wealth to their family with minimum impact from inheritance tax.


We believe in building trust and respect with clients. Therefore, we work hard to build their confidence in what we do on their behalf, namely growing their wealth through different intelligent options and being transparent in the way we work.


We take a proactive approach to managing investment portfolios and reacting to changes in both the economy and international currencies – creating an all-encompassing wealth management solution.

Developing expertise

We hire the best people and invest in their specialist technical knowledge and ability, building a culture focused on providing the right financial outcomes for clients.


We explain any changes made to a client’s portfolio and give them access to the latest information via a personal portal.

Expert partners

Our network of expert partners includes trust lawyers and Chartered accountants. This complementary expertise allows us to enhance wealth management planning, for example, by moving land into a pension plan, reducing inheritance tax or deferring capital gains tax.

High standards

We keep our promises, which are built on finding the most successful and profitable wealth management solutions for clients.

Caring and approachable

We take the time to listen to clients, understand their aspirations and explain the recommendations we make with their best interests in mind. Our overall aim is to build lifelong relationships across the generations of our clients.

How We Work

From our first client meeting we take a methodical approach to demonstrate what we can do and how it will benefit them.

Tax planning and improving your portfolio

We explain how active investment and tax management will improve returns and reduce costs.

Reacting to the markets

Whatever happens in the economy, we can respond to build and protect clients’ wealth.

Taking away worry and hassle

By managing a portfolio in response to new market data, economic trends and critical world events we give clients peace of mind and take on the responsibility for their investments.

Keeping the client informed

We meet with clients every 6-12 months to review objectives, understand any major life events and adjust their portfolio as necessary.

The PPTC client experience

Above all, we want our clients to experience comfort, confidence and dependability while working with us.

Our team is familiar with every client’s case. So clients know – when talking to any of our people – they will receive an immediate and personalised service.

And we never stand still: we monitor everything that could change and affect a client’s investments; adjusting and applying a new investment policy or tax system whenever it’s needed.